The DERAGGER PRO™ is the future of control systems. Its intelligent interface provides a simple way to control
equipment with no special training.

It will future-proof your system, offers redundant failure protection and will reduce your costs.

  • Modular interface for DERAGGER+ and supported accessories
  • Connects up to 16 DERAGGER+s
  • Suitable for all pumps
  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces cost
  • Comprehensive diagnostics – eliminates manual fault-finding
  • Runs most efficient pump as main pump
  • Continued operation of pumping station in event of failure in one part of the system
  •  No external programming software required
  • Modbus RTU/Ethernet communications
  • Easily commissioned through color touch screen HMI
dragger pro control screen

The DERAGGER PRO is pump station control simplified, delivering all the proven benefits of the DERAGGER+, combined with a pump station controller.

Based on an intelligent modular concept, it provides a complete interface for the DERAGGER+ and other supported accessories required in pumping operations.

The sophisticated technology of the DERAGGER PRO reduces operational costs by ensuring the most energy-efficient pumps are used. Additionally, by spreading intelligence between multiple devices, it creates redundancy should one part of the system fail.

The DERAGGER PRO controls up to 16 pumps or motors in up to 16 different groups/wells, via DERAGGER+s, with all combinations of Duty/Assist/Standby required. It also accommodates 1 level instrument per group and individual pump, or group flows.

The assurance of telemetry communication comes via a dedicated Modbus RTU network. Ethernet comms (TCP/IP) is also supported.

The DERAGGER PRO’s high-resolution color touchscreen utilizing gesture control gives quick access to such features Derived Flow Metering (where level monitoring is used), Full Alarm Logging and Pump Station Trends.

Easy Configuration

You don’t need a software engineer to set up the DERAGGER PRO. The user-friendly yet comprehensive touchscreen gives quick access to menus enabling the complete configuration of all DERAGGER+s and/or external peripherals.

Each pump has its own overview page, where its status and control capabilities are displayed. From here, configuration areas can be accessed for the pumps and all associated parameters. Start-stop levels can be set individually or per group for each pump and group.

For added security, different levels of access can be set for individual users as required.

Cost Benefits

The DERAGGER PRO enables substantial savings in a number of ways and is a cost-effective choice compared with a PLC.

Flow meters and level instruments can easily be added through the HMI, eliminating the need for expensive external programming software. Users simply set the parameters rather than program the unit. Additionally, the LCD screen simplifies control panels, dispensing with the requirement for selector switches, push buttons, fault lights, meters, accumulators and so on.

Through maintaining pumping operations in the event of failure in the system, and by providing real-time anti-ragging via installed DERAGGER+s, the DERAGGER PRO avoids expensive reactive callout charges.

Furthermore, electricity costs are reduced by automatically ensuring the most cost-efficient pumps are used.


Operators can find the following, at a glance:

  • Level
  • Pump mode
  • Pump availability
  • Detailed fault information
  • Date/time of each fault occurring and clearing
  • Single or 3-phase supply, DC supply
  • Fault and event history (up to 100 records, or millions of records with SD card)
  • Accumulators (starts, hours, faults, etc)
  • Pump efficiency (requires energy monitoring, motor protection and flow enabled)
  • Status of all I/O
  • Status of a communications link


The DERAGGER PRO comes as standard with a number of apps, including:

  • Anti-ragging
  • Derived Flow Metering
  • Full Alarm Logging
  • Pump Station Trends